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About Gemstone
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Photo: A student participates in Dynamic Vision Training.
A student participates in Dynamic Vision Training©.

Our mission
Better vision paves the way for better reading --
and ultimately better learning.

Gemstone Educational Management identifies vision problems that are common among poor readers, and provides doctor-monitored, Internet-based vision training to help correct them.

Why Gemstone is different
Typically, vision training is available through local doctor's offices and vision centers. These services can be expensive because it's often difficult to get insurance companies to cover vision training.

Gemstone takes a different approach. Our "Dynamic Vision Training©" program (patent pending) offers a way to provide complete vision training for all students who need it, right in their schools. This is done at a very low cost to the school district.

The Dynamic Vision Training© program includes a series of screening tests to identify students with vision conditions. The assessment measures tracking ability, the accuracy of focus, the ability of the eyes to work together -- things that are not measured during standard vision screening tests.

For those students who demonstrate problems, Dynamic Vision Training© provides Internet-based vision therapy. The program includes practice skills and exercises that train the eyes to become more efficient and make reading easier.

A school-based solution
Gemstone doctors work with schools to integrate the Dynamic Vision Training© program into their existing computer systems. This allows children who need vision training to get it right in their own school.

Cost-effective eye care ...
Dynamic Vision Training© is a low-cost way for schools to offer high-quality, proven eye care to students. Because Gemstone's screening process identifies the students with real problems, you pay only for the services your students need. Students who need vision care beyond the scope of Gemstone's program are referred to doctors in the local community.

... that gets results
With daily vision training through Gemstone's programs, many conditions can be improved within six weeks. Results from screening over 7000 students in grades 2 through high school, in California and Tennessee show that Dynamic Vision Training© improved reading scores by 1-4 grade levels following only 30 sessions of training. The end results are higher test scores, improved reading performance, and students who find reading --and learning -- easier and more enjoyable.

Contact us to discover how Gemstone's Dynamic Vision Training© can help your school improve student vision and reading performance.

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