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About Gemstone
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Gemstone Educational Management, LLC, was founded
in 1998 as a collaboration between educators and optometrists. Its purpose is to find solutions for vision problems that contribute to the high level of illiteracy facing schools today.

Gemstone's guiding principles are based on the vision of Wilson Riles, the former California State Superintendent of Schools. Riles had a deep belief in providing all children with the tools they need for academic success. He believed that if we could give all students these tools, then each of them would have a better chance in school -- and also in life.

One of Wilson's final acts was to form Gemstone, a company that would help realize part of his dream. Today, Gemstone Educational Management offers programs that assist in diagnosing individual student needs that are impeding their learning, and provide therapeutic services to students in schools.

Like many educators, Gemstone is particularly concerned with reading skills. Through partnerships with optometrists, vision scientists and educators, Gemstone's Dynamic Vision Training© program screens students for vision problems that affect reading efficiency. Gemstone either treats the problems through low-cost, Internet-based vision training, or when appropriate, refers the students for outside eye care services in the community.

Thanks to Gemstone's team of dedicated doctors, researchers and educators, Riles' vision continues to be realized. Gemstone associates and their partner schools are committed to improving vision for better student learning. The results of Gemstone's efforts are clear: students' visual skills improve, and many experience dramatic increases in reading levels.

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