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The Vision Dynamics program.

The Vision Dynamics program

What teachers are saying about Dynamic Vision Training
  • "Many of my English Language Deficient students who got vision training aren't in my class anymore. They probably didn't belong here in the first place -- because their problems were visual, not cognitive. I'm really pleased!"
  • "I have a student from a family that doesn't speak any English. His job each night is to read the paper to his parents so they can keep up with things. He says his eyes don't water anymore."
  • "One of my students has to read her Bible every night for two hours for religious studies. She said that before vision training, she got very tired. She was falling asleep and getting watery eyes and was embarrassed and scared because her religious training was suffering. No more -- after 30 sessions of visual training, she can read for as long as she needs to, and she says she feels much better."
  • "Even I can see a baseball better now! I started doing the program with my students after the Gemstone doctors examined me, and it worked for me, too!"


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