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How schools benefit from the vision dynamics program

How schools benefit


Through Dynamic Vision Training, your school can ...

  • Offer high-quality vision care to all students
    at a low cost.

  • Increase student test scores in as little as six weeks -- Gemstone's program gets proven results.

  • Increase students' interest in reading and learning -- reading becomes easier and more enjoyable after vision conditions are corrected.

  • Reduce paperwork -- test scores, records and reports are completed and transferred electronically to Gemstone's server.

  • Effectively operate the program with minimal oversight needed by your staff -- it's a fully automated process.

  • Monitor each student's progress through Gemstone's automatic data tracking program.

  • Continuously identify students who need attention and get them the help they need.

  • Take complete control of the program's operation -- Gemstone will train your teachers and aids to administer it.

  • Receive comprehensive evaluation reports --
    so you can easily measure your investment against the results achieved.

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