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The need for better screening.

The need for better screening

Photo: A Gemstone doctor performs a vision screening test.
A Gemstone doctor performs
a vision screening test.

Vision and reading are inextricably linked. How the eyes move, how accurately they focus, and their ability to work together all help determine how well children see -- and ultimately how well they read.

Many students suffer from visual conditions that make reading uncomfortable or even difficult. Research shows that:

  • Twenty-five percent of all high school
    students have some type of vision disorder

  • Among poor readers, as many as 75 percent have some type of vision disorder.

For these children, it's not a lack of ability that holds them back -- it's physical, visual conditions that can be diagnosed and treated with the right programs and tools.

But in most schools, vision screening includes only a standard visual acuity test -- the eye chart read from 20 feet away. This test misses many of the visual conditions that cause poor reading skills.

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