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How students benefit from Vision Dynamics.

Detailed results

Dynamic Vision Training helps students ...
  • Make reading easier and less uncomfortable by correcting visual conditions that cause symptoms such as tired eyes, watery eyes, sleepiness, headaches, blurred vision, pain or double vision.
  • Dramatically increase test scores in as little as six weeks -- Gemstone's program gets proven results.
  • Boost their interest in reading and learning -- reading becomes easier and more enjoyable after vision conditions are corrected.
  • Receive high-quality vision care right in their school -- no trips to the doctor's office, and no expensive fees.
  • Enjoy the training itself -- because the computer program is like a game, eye training is interesting and fun!
  • Get instant feedback on their progress after each therapy session.
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem by becoming a better reader and learner.

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