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The Dynamic Vision Training program.

The Vision Dynamics program

Photo: A Gemstone doctor assesses a student for vision problems.
A Gemstone doctor assesses a student for vision problems.

Professional Assessment and Referral
All students' screening results are analyzed by Gemstone doctors by means of a special computer program that uses criteria
established by optometric experts. The analysis generates a "disposition report" for each student.

Based on the results, students who may require glasses or contacts, or have other ocular health needs, are referred to eye specialists in the community for more detailed, thorough eye examinations. When this happens, their parents are notified and are responsible for making appointments and following through with doctor recommendations.

Students who demonstrate symptoms of Visual Inefficiency Syndrome (VIS) are recommended for Dynamic Vision Training© (DVT©). The parents of these students receive a letter (through the school), letting them know when the training will begin. The letter shares the basic findings from their child's screening which warrant their participation in DVT©.

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